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TDR Industries is engaged in the fabricating, manufacturing and marketing of batteries and similar products. Since establishment in october 2018. TDR Industries has expanded to become one of the most successful inverter, solar, automobile, tubular along with rechargeable batteries. It is one of the best consumer battery manufacturers in Delhi.

Mr. Villayti Goel


Villayti Goel started working and contributing to the family at a very young age, a “people’s man” fondly known amongst friends, family and business associates. In his early 20’s in June of 1990, he set up Villayti Industries, with a vision to transform, to influence and to improve the quality of life by developing all types of lead-acid batteries which provide utmost convenience to people all the time. Up until October 2018, he decided to pass on his legacy to his brother and moved on to give rise to TDR Industries.

Villayti Goel, son of late Shri. Pawan Kumar Goel, is the founder of TDR Industries, which got established in October 2018. Since then TDR Industries has expanded to become the manufacturer of one of the most successful inverters, solar, automobile, tubular along with rechargeable batteries in Delhi.

Villayti Goel’s TDR Industries, backed with over 30 years of experience in the lead-acid battery industry is synonymous with innovation and path-breaking research as well as design. It is based on four simple principles: easy-to-access, in-depth industry knowledge, focused on new and emerging technologies, segments and markets, and competitive pricing.

He believes that behind every brilliant invent of technology; stands a very strong and result-driven team of progressive people empowering it. Therefore, he and especially TDR Industries empower more and more people at all times.

As consumers, you will discover in each of our products purity, sensible design inspired by years of persistent hard work and of course history, the total creation of finely built and technically superior batteries.

All of our developments, from design through to the finished product, are made in our Narela Industrial Area Setup. We all as a team at TDR Industries trust that you will appreciate our approach towards quality battery manufacturing and that through these expressions of passion you will discover the true drive which pushes us forward in the quest for high performance, quality, and continuous innovation challenges.


TDR Industries always puts the consumer first above and beyond their own interests. We like to disrupt the usual with invention. We take joy in the fact that consumers acknowledge and appreciate us being a lot different than others in the industry. We continuously learn new things every day at the same time improve what we already know. We believe we are in it for the good of our environment and in it together.


Since the beginning, we have and are continuing to stay on course to fulfilling our promise – delivering top quality, safe products and rewarding services that meet national and international standards. This reflects daily when you switch on your ignition or switch.

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